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30 Day Addiction Rehab Program

The Twelve Way * 30 Day residential course includes the following:

  • Bible study
  • Twelve step lessons
  • Community service opportunities
  • AA group meetings
  • Classes aimed at building a personal relationship with God

Your 30 day program course is aimed at improving your overall spiritual condition. We believe this starts with your thinking! Your belief system will determine how you overcome daily challenges. Twelve Way has designed a 30 day program to help you with this process.

Enrollment is based on application approval.

At the end of the 30 day program, if desired, a resident may roll over into the long-term program.

*Registration for the 30 day program runs from January 1 through October 20 (dates may vary). This is not at a medical detox program.

Call 903-935-4115 for more information.

Long-term Recovery Program

Twelve Way Foundation is a Christ centered peer-to-peer substance abuse halfway house and recovery support facility located in northeast Texas in operation since 2004. Twelve Way is designed to provide men struggling with addiction an opportunity for the Second Phase of recovery in a structured sober living environment. Our program aids in the process of returning men to being responsible family members and productive contributors of society. Twelve Way is dedicated with providing the services listed below for the long-term program:


  • Interface with Criminal Justice System (i.e., Adult Supervision, D.A., County Judge)
  • Employment assistance
  • Transportation to and from work
  • GED tutoring
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Daily recovery meetings

Twelve Way conducts weekly Phase evaluations based on the resident’s daily requirements and clients must agree to the adherence of all the criteria that we believe determines their progress during a minimum of a 6 month course of stay here.

Resident Requirements/Criteria

  • Attending daily meetings aimed at building a personal relationship with God
  • Willingness to be a participating member of their recovery classes
  • Maintaining a full-time job
  • Paying a nominal program fee which teaches each resident how to responsibly manage their income and allows them the opportunity to finance a portion of their recovery
  • Adhering to house guidelines
  • Passing a pre-entrance 12 panel drug screen plus a daily or weekly random test

Twelve Way is not a detox facility and is not equipped for the First Phase of recovery. We ask that each prospective resident have no less than a 28 day detox before they submit an application to be reviewed for approval (i.e., a minimum: 28 days of incarceration if the applicant is already in jail). We recognize this detox period as the first important step in the process that helps the client withdrawal physically from the symptoms that produce learning limitations and prepares a heart of gratitude towards the offered opportunity for extended recovery. Our program caters to the men who want a new way of life free from addiction and we recommend this course of action for their long term success. If we can provide you assistance, please call for additional information.

Commitment to Recovery

In order to fulfill our mission to help those who are addicted, the halfway house of Twelve Way Foundation requires a personal commitment from each man who enters Twelve Way Foundation. This commitment is made in the following four areas: financial responsibility, program responsibility, academic commitment, and personal attitude.

Financial Responsibility

It is understood that any man requiring the services of a halfway house is in desperate need of assistance in managing his finances. He must not only secure employment that will not interfere with his program, but he must also learn to be responsible with the money he earns. His immediate and first priority must be to support the very program by which he hopes to recover from his addiction.  A failure to meet these priorities will undermine any further effort to recover in a halfway house setting and must be viewed as the need for some other kind of treatment.

Non-compliance on the part of any resident to fulfill these commitments throughout their course of stay here will result in immediate dismissal.



Twelve Way Foundation offers the following services to our male residents.

30 Day and long term recovery programs for men who have a sincere desire to change.

• Safe and sober living environment

• Job placement support

• Transportation to jobs

• Life skills support

• Christ-centered recovery meetings

• 12 Step meetings

All of these services are designed to help men restore their lives and become productive members of the community.

Any questions about our services should be directed to Contact Page.


Twelve Way Foundation is a Faith-based 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization dedicated to providing a sober living environment for men recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse who have demonstrated a sincere desire to restore their lives and seek a relationship with God.

Twelve Way Foundation provides temporary housing and an atmosphere of understanding and help from dedicated volunteers and persons who have succeeded in restoring their lives through a twelve step program and developing a relationship with God.

Twelve Way Foundation receives no state government financial support. It depends upon continued community involvement and financial donations from businesses, churches, and individuals to achieve its mission. All residents are required to seek employment and pay a nominal program fee which includes room and board. All residents benefit our community through their current employment and volunteering in community programs.

Our Mission

Twelve Way Foundation is a faith based, non-profit organization providing a residential, Christ centered recovery program and support services to men seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Our mission since 2004 has been to provide a safe, sober environment for men who have a sincere desire to change their lives through a relationship with Christ and a program of recovery.


Twelve Way Foundation is for men seeking rehabilitation and recovery from drugs and alcohol.  We offer options for short term, 30 day residential programs and long term residential programs.

We provide a faith-based recovery program along with support services.

Since 2004, our mission is to provide a safe, sober environment for men who have a sincere desire to change their lives through a relationship with Christ and a program of recovery that addresses alcohol and drug abuse.

Twelve Way is a non-profit organization and a United Way agency, located in Marshall, TX.

Learn more by clicking any of our links. We invite you to contact our office for more information.

Above all we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting Twelve Way Foundation.